Types of lenders

There are two types of lenders on Lendix :

  • Retail Lenders who are free of choosing the different projects on the platform.
  • Institutional investors (asset managers, private banks, family offices, professional investors) who are committed to subscribe to all projects on Lendix through the fund

The Lendix Fund financed automatically 51% of the amount of each project presented on Lendix. The remaining part of the project is offered to retail lenders on the platform for a defined period of time. If they do not fully finance the remaining 49%, the fund completes the loan to reach 100%.

The retail lenders 

They lend mainly on the platform to improve the return on their savings and invest in the real economy. Lendix now has a community of more than 40,000 Lenders living worldwide, of which around 14,000 are active (i.e. have lent to at least one Lendix Project).

Investment rules for retail lenders:

In France and in Italy, retail lenders can lend up to 2,000€ per French or Italian project but they have no annual limit on the number of loans or on the amount lent. 

In Spain, due to local legislation, the maximum amount you can lend to all Spanish projects over 12 months is €10,000 (the maximum loan limit per project being €2,000, as for the French and Italian projects).

If you wish to invest above this annual limit of 10,000€ on Spanish projects, you will have to become an accredited lender. To become one, you have to:

The investors of the Fund

  • Institutional Investors: they can be public or private. Our Institutional Investors include the European Investment Fund, Wormser Frères Bank and Groupama, among others.
  • Family offices: These are holding companies that wish to invest in business projects and diversify their assets. Decaux Frères Investissement or Weber Investissement are some of the family offices that trust us.
  • Lendix managers: they invest automatically in all the projects published on Lendix without choosing the amount lent to each project to align their interest with yours and those of the Investors of the fund. It is a particularity of Lendix.

What are the advantages of this hybrid model of Investors? 

  • 100% of the projects published on Lendix have been financed: for the companies, it means that there is no risk of reputation or of not achieving 100% of the required financing.
  • 100% of the money lent by the investors has been used: there is no risk that their funds will be immobilised without purpose during the subscription period since the collection will be completed.
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