There are two types of investors :

  • Private Lenders who are free of choosing the different projects on the platform
  • Institutional investors who are committed to subscribe to all projects on Lendix through the fund

At the launch of every project above 30 000€, 51% of the amount being financed is automatically booked by Institutional investors. The project is then live on the platform for a dedicated period of time. Private Lenders are free to choose whether they wish to lend or not and the amount. At the end of the subscription period dedicated to Private Lenders, if they did not reach 49%, the rest is financed again by Institutional Investors.

This scheme has three major advantages :

  1. Borrowers are guaranteed that once accepted, their project will be financed 
  2. Lenders are guaranteed that their loan is not blocked unnecessarily during the subscription period
  3. Institutional investors are guaranteed not to have only the projects that Private Lenders did not want to finance

Institutional Investors can be family offices, institutional investors (banks, insurers, funds, ...) or qualified individual investors.

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